Computer Network Assignment Help

Computer Network Assignment Help

If you’ve opted for the computer networking field, it’s obvious that there
will come a time when you will have to write an assignment on computer
networking. On top of that, it would be important for you to score good
grades in it to end your academic journey in the best possible way. This is
where and why you would require computer network assignment help.

Now before getting with the whole assignment thing, it’s important that
you learn what computer networking means in the first place. A computer
network is more like a set of computers and computer hardware devices that
are connected with one another for the purpose of sharing resources and
data. Each network comes with its own special characteristics.

When writing an assignment on computer networking , the very first thing
you should do is that you should study this field properly. It’s not going to
be a simple theoretical assignment and you’ll have to mention several
different technical facts in your writings which is why you will have to be a
little careful with the information you put. Today this is what we are going
to help you with.

What Are The Main Types Of Computer Networks?

If you are seeking networking assignment help, you should start by learning
about the different types of computer networks there are.

1- Personal Area Network (PAN)

This one is basically made up of a wireless modem and it’s the most basic
type of a computer network. It’s not just made up of a wireless modem but it
can also consist of two phones, tablets, or printers. This type of network is
managed by a single person with the help of a single device and it’s used
commonly in residences or small offices.

2-Local Area Network (LAN)

We are sure about the fact that you’ve heard about the Local Area Network
quite a lot of time. If you still don’t know what it is then don’t worry as we
will be explaining it all to you. What LANs do is that they connect low
voltage devices or a group of different computers together across a short
distance in order to share resources and information. The LANs are mostly
managed by enterprises.

3- Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)

To some extent LANs and WLANs are similar, it’s just that in a Wireless
Local Area Network, wireless network technology is used. In this type,
there’s no need for physical cables to connect to a network.

4- Wide Area Network (WAN)

This one is a little more complex than a Local Area Network. This is the
network type that connects computers across a huge distance. One large
network is used here to connect low voltage devices and computers
remotely even if they are miles and miles apart. One of the most popular and
basic examples of WAN is the internet that we all used nowadays. All the
computers are connected over one network and that’s what WAN is all

5-Storage Area Network

This is the type where shared pools of different storage devices are
connected to different servers. What you should know about SAN is that this
type of network does not rely on WAN or LAN. In fact, in this type, the
storage resources are moved to a higher network of their own and it’s taken
away from the rest of the networks. As far as the types of Storage Area
Networks are concerned, they include virtual, unified, and coverage SANs.

6- Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The next is the VPN which is known as the Virtual Private Network. With a
VPN one can send or receive data just like their devices are connected to a
private network even when they are not. However, it’s true that in this type,
users can easily access a private remote network through a virtual point to
point connection.

These are some of the most basic types of computer networks. The list
doesn’t end here because there are a total of 11 types but we’ve jotted down
some of the most common ones that you might use in your computer
networking assignment.

Why Do You Need Computer Network Assignment Help?

If you are looking for networking assignment help , know that you aren’t
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The Pros And Cons Of Computer Networking

Computer networking has its own pros and cons. Our experts at have evaluated both the negative and the positive
aspects of this field and that’s what we will be guiding you with today.


One of the major drawbacks of computer networking is the cost involved.
Just to install a network for your business, you’ll have to spend thousands of
dollars which is something not all businesses can afford. Even if you go for
the smaller devices and modems, they can still cost you a lot and this is a
con for sure.

Information And Communication

In c omputer network assignment help, you should technically know all the
goods and the bads of a network. We’ve told you earlier how the cost can be
a turn-off but then there are several positive things that come along
computer networking and one of them is communication. For example, you
can clearly tell and see how the internet has made it easier for people to
communicate through their computers and other devices even when they
are at a massive distance.

Resource Sharing

This point is quite important for you to understand especially if you want
networking assignment help . With the help of a well-designed network,
users can now share all the hardware and software resources. This is best for
workplace collaboration and it also increases the efficiency of people in the

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