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Who We Are

When it comes to academic writing, the name every mind thinks of is no other than 360 assignments. We are a group of trained and accomplished scholarly authors who will always, each time, provide a written task. No matter what issue it is, you can get professional help with just a few clicks and easily overcome the shortcomings that lost you your certification all of the time. The method is quite easy here at Best Assignments. Please complete the application. Our agent will email you to discuss what you want and when. Then you get a quote that you charge when fully approved and reviewed! It’s that easy. Do you know where you’re right now? We believe you will! We think you will! 360 assignments are the center of urgent and timely assistance in academic study and help, clear from plagiarism and well before the deadline.

360 assignments primary mission is to provide help to the many scholarly projects of its teachers, doctoral students, scholars, and other partners in the educational process.

  • Essays
  • Research papers
  • Dissertations / Thesis
  • Terms
  • Proposals
  • admission essay
  • speeches
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • letters
  • Business Research
  • Laboratory reports
  • and other specific papers

In addition, you can easily order your specific specialized paper and requirements

Who work for us?

The company deals with the recruitment and preparation of its employees quite strictly. Therefore, our primary assignments were always professional specialist searches. Currently, there are approximately five hundred professional writers worldwide, of whom 400 have to remain online for counseling and serving clients. One major feature of our company is that each author is an expert in his / her field, so it is passed immediately upon receipt of a new order to a competent author after processing. It means that we retain plays in high quality.


The educational service provided here is definitely like its name, as its range does not only include only three or four subjects; it is also covered in a large number of English, History, Literature, Psychology, Political Science, Social science, Philosophy, Geography, Social Sciences, Humanities.


360 assignments provide a vision that helps students worldwide, via effective and reliable task writing, to overcome their weaknesses in any subject. There are highly professional and promising assignment writing services here. Every paper we manufacture is generated according to our customers ‘ specifications and reviewed until the finished product is achieved.


Just like any other company that wishes to become a product, the task of 360 assignment does not vary from them. In supplying our customers with a superior project writing service for their Bachelor and Doctor of Studies, we aim to provide every written work of the highest possible quality to enable our customers to receive A for each assignment.