Being a student is challenging, you’re most likely to be writing a lot of research papers, so it’s a primary step to acknowledge the skill of finding topics to write about. You can choose among a lot of topics to write about, but it’ll become difficult for you if you don’t find much content to write about the subject. Sometimes your teacher will solve this problem for you by assigning a particular topic to write aboutbut what if your teacher gives you the ultimate freedom to choose the topic to write aboutYou will probably go to the topic you’re interested in. The writing style is also an important thing to focus on. What if your teacher gives you the freedom to choose a topic to write about, but ask you to present your essay topic in a particular style.

There are different styles for different topics. You must pick up the style which is appropriate for your essay topics. The requirement for your paper is dependent on your education level. If you’re in high school, maybe your teacher gives you an easy topic and cite three to six sources. But if you’re an undergraduate student, you must dig deep for the content such as books, reports, articles, and many more sources. In this article, we will be providing you with a list of steps to note while choosing topics to write about. After reading this article, you will become an expert on selecting topics to write about.



Choose a topic that might be interesting for you and your teacher, who will be grading it. Write it in such a way; it attracts the eye of your audience. There are a lot of topics to write about and see where they take you.

You should be describing people, places, and things, narrating essays, comparing and contrast, explaining a process step by step, classifying and dividing, drawing analogies, explaining causes and effects, defining definitions, arguing, and persuading.

These are just the summarize categories of topics to write about. You can easily find approximately 500 topics in these summarized categories like education, schools, politics, business, media, literature, art, criminal justice, police work, energy, agriculture, internet, athletes, terrorism, personalities, poverty, government, drugs, discriminations, history, cyber-crimes, environment, gaming, military, natural disasters, technology. Let’s moves on explanations and details which you can write in your topics.

  1. Educations
  • No support from the government.
  • High fees for private schools.
  • Placement by age, placement by academic ability.
  • Discrimination in education.
  • It is policing schools.
  • Educations and funding.
  1. Internet
  • Pros and cons of the internet.
  • We are working on Search engines.
  • Online working
  • Source of learning
  • Impacts on students of internet
  1. Health and hospitals.
  • Medical treatments.
  • How to take care of your health.
  • Behaviors of private organizations.
  • Describe how health websites are useful.
  • Alternative medicines
  • Birth control.
  • Heart disease.
  • Poverty and private hospitals.
  • Condition of government hospitals
  1. Advertising and marketing
  • Controversies in politics
  • How media response to public problems.
  • Global marketing
  • Which kinds of ads should be banned concerning health, annoyance, and age factors?
  • Importance of media in a society
  1. Discriminations
  • Gender equality
  • Discriminations in education
  • How to improve race relations
  • Explain the causes of bigotry racism.
  • How discrimination effect on job opportunities.
  1. Schools
  • Advantages and disadvantages of school uniforms.
  • How strict rules of schools are good for building up individual character.
  • Prayers in schools.
  • Pros and cons of the co-education system.
  1. Alcohol
  • Impacts on regular drinking in one’s health.
  • Impacts on drinking on his life, relations.
  • Age restrictions for drinking.
  • Provide further disadvantages of alcohol.
  • How are accidents caused by drinking?
  1. Athletes
  • How are sports useful?
  • Discuss Scope in sports.
  • Advantages of being an athlete.
  • School and sports.
  • How to promote sports.
  1. Cybercrimes
  • Pornography and hacking.
  • Stalking, Invasion of privacy.
  • Loss of data through hacking.
  • Provide hacking solutions.
  • Ways to steal money.
  1. Criminal justice
  • How the suspects are being punished.
  • Protest and activism.
  • Crimes and police behavior towards it.
  • What are cases to sentence death?
  • How difficult it is to providing justice.
  • Corruption between high designations and rich people.
  1. Drugs
  • Treatment of drugs addiction
  • Drug legalization.
  • Impacts of drug addictions.
  • Family reactions towards drugs.
  • Steps to reduce drug production.
  1. Religion
  • What is religion?
  • How many of them are there?
  • Freedom of religion.
  • Why should everyone be given to choosing his religion?
  • Freedom to worship.
  • Why people should be free to go to their mosques, temples, churches.
  1. Terrorism
  • War on terrorism.
  • Who is responsible for terrorism?
  • How could terrorism come to an end?
  • Why are suicide bombings happening?
  • What do the Taliban need?
  1. Technology
  • How is technology useful to us?
  • Cell phones and their usage.
  • How have cell phones changed us socially?
  • How is a text messaging affecting society?
  1. Business
  • What is Business?
  • Environments for business?
  • Connection of business people and politicians.
  • The relation between business owners and their employees.


This writing consumes a lot of time; you will be spending a lot of time researching the topic. You have to build a structure of your content. Make sure to make proper alignment of your paper, so that it is easier to read for the grader. Try to make a report which answers all questions and accomplishes all your objectives, without leaving any of them uncompleted. The process of writing will be quite interesting for you if you’re passionate about the topic you’re writing. Your presentation of the topic is directly proportional to the level of interest.

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