Before we discuss how to write an essay, let me clear you what an essay is. ‘An essay can be an organized piece of writing that focuses on a particular topic.’ In an essay, all the details of the given topic are discussed. The essay meant to define or describe something. It can be a way to compose your valid ideas. Now that you are clear with the term “Essay,” let’s go ahead.

Whenever a student is given a task to write an essay, the very first thing student do is, they search for how to write an essay. Writing an essay is so common that it has become an essential part of school and college life that you will ask in multiple classes to write an essay. But a lot of students don’t know how to write an essay, and then they struggle with writing an essay. Students think writing an essay is a lengthy task, whether it is for a school or scholarship or even a contest. How to write an essay? This question is still not clear to a lot of students. If students are asked to How to write an essay, they seem to be answerless; the student thinks that criteria for writing a good essay are to add an introduction, body (with 2 to 3 paragraphs), and conclusion. But writing an essay is not just about a good introduction, body, and conclusion. To lower the burden of these students, we’ve written a whole article for you to acknowledge how to write an essay.


Follow this guideline to know how to write a good essay.


Planning before writing is mandatory to compose an essay with objectives defined. If your teacher has given you the ultimate freedom to choose any topic you want, then it’s right for you.

Because choosing a topic in which you are interested will lead you to create much better content. You have many options to choose from. Go for the topic in which you and your audience both are interested. Make content with your style, but keep these tips in mind as well to compose a good essay.

Analyze the topic

Firstly, define your purposes and then make an audience profile to know about your audience. Try to seek the attention of the audience by adding stuff that might be interesting for them.

Gather information

Once you become familiar with the audience’s interest, gather data according to it. Determine the needs of the audience and then obtain the necessary information to satisfy the need of the audience.

If you’re writing a business essay, add analytical reports in it, tables to help the reader understand more precisely. Graphs, charts, news, tables might be an excellent way to present your information in an understandable and organized way.

Selection of medium

Choose an appropriate medium to deliver your message to the audience.


Discuss your main idea of choosing the particular topic you’re writing about. Organize your timing, which means it is to plan things. Plan when you are going to discuss your research. Proper Alignment is the main objective, which has to be done here.


The primary step where you have to express and explain your idea. Explain it in the way you want. But keep in mind the following points.

Adapt your Audience

Adapting audience means to seek the attention of your audience. This can be done by adding content that might be interesting for them. You can use several things like add tables, comparing and contrasting two things related to your topic.

Defining the pros and cons of anything related to your topic might a great way to attract the eye. Be sensitive to the audience’s needs. Build a strong relationship with your audience. This can be done if you use a conversational tone with your grader.

Compose the message

Choose strong words to support your argument or thesis. This will help you make a good impression on the reader. Compose your message with the help of reliable and appropriate words because it will assist you in creating useful sentences. Prepare an outline, transform your ideas from head to paper. Attach them and make links between them.

Thesis statement

Now to create the main idea of your topic, compose a thesis statement. A thesis statement helps readers to understand what is the topic. It covers the topic which is discussed in the essay.

The proper placement for your thesis statement is the end of your first paragraph, which is known as an introduction part. Thesis Statements keep your readers engaged. An arguable thesis statement makes your paper stands out.

For Example:

Normal statement

“Smoking Kills.”

Thesis statement

“High-level of smoking could lead you to effects on personal health, lung disease.”

This is how the thesis statement works. It helps to create an eye-attracting impact on your writing.

Structure it

Structure means to align your information appropriately so that it is linked together. Firstly, compose your main ideas and then add side ideas or arguments to support it. Structuring your content will allow the reader to see connections.


Revise the message

Revise the message you content you’ve evaluated. Then add edit and rewrite the content to clarity. Essay typer or essay maker companies usually have specified members for the rechecking of content.

Produce the message

Use those design elements that help you to create compelling content for a professional appearance.

Proofread the message

An essential message because if you’re writing a law essay, you should add arguments in it. If you have added arguments in your essay, you have to prove them by providing evidence for it. Evidence means to support your thesis or argument. If you write arguments without any evidence, your arguments will have no value.

“Don’t write an argument that you can’t prove.”

Check Grammar/Final touch.

Now check for the grammatical error and punctuation. Not only grammar, but you have to check your content also. Review the order of your paragraph, make sure you have composed the most influential points first paragraph and last paragraph that is the conclusion.

Check if your style of writing an essay is appropriate or in the desired format according to your teacher’s requirement. Finally, check if the essay makes sense, is it going with the flow? Check is it written precisely and clearly? Read to your essay to acknowledge it, think from the reader’s point of view, then if you don’t face any difficulty while reading it, you’re good to go.

Conclude your assignment

The conclusion means to conclude your essay or bring a sense of closure to your essay. But there are some rules before you end your essay. Wrap up your conclusion by restating your thesis statement.

You have written the whole body to support your argument/thesis. Now you have to remind your reader what was the thesis. Synthesize your main points. Let the readers know that what made you choose this topic, tell them why your ideas should matter to them. Let them know the main purpose of your topic.

Remind them what you’ve told them or how you supported your arguments. This doesn’t mean to repeat your statements what you just said in the above paragraphs, instead of that, focus on closing a few phrases from the end of each paragraph.

Your conclusion shows them why your research or analysis should matter to them when they put your paper down. So, write your conclusion in such a way that it covers all the important details in the sense of closure.

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