how to start an essay


The question ‘how to start an essay?’ revolves around a few introductory strategies that, if followed, can not only inform the readers but it will also grab their attention and motivate them to read the complete essay. People believe that writing an essay is an easy task, but, in reality, it has way more complications than one can imagine. How to start an essay is often asked by confused students who are unsure what their introduction paragraphs must have as well as those who are simply procrastinators of this generation.

Let’s take a look at a few guidelines I have managed to gather for my readers. Hopefully, this will thoroughly answer the grand question of ‘How to start an essay?’.

Write an eye-grabbing thesis statement:

A strong thesis statement is supposed to contain the main idea of your essay in minimal words, along with a claim.

It should have a few supporting ideas. However, do not just state the theme of your essay like an announcement, but make good sentences to guide your readers as to what the main idea of your essay is.

Ask a Question:

Curiosity in your sentences will create suspense in the readers’ minds. Ask a question related to your topic and then try to answer it precisely without revealing too much information. Why? Because you need to save some for the later paragraphs. You can also try to convince the readers to guess what the answer to the question is.

Mention facts:

Another thing that can help you get the readers’ attention is giving events related to your topic.

Providing factual information leads the readers to start believing in your opinions, and they will be more interested in digging deeper into your essay. However, make sure to verify your facts as wrong information can set off readers and develop a bad reputation for the writer.

Discuss brief details of the place your essay may talk about:

This is for those writers whose essay topics are primarily based in an area. Giving precise details about places can help readers imagine and be able to connect to what you have to say.

Make a connection between past and present experiences:

According to the topic of how to start an essay, you can try to discuss how things were in the past and how they have changed over the years. A strong thesis statement can also make readers a bit nostalgic while reading, which will keep them interested until the end.

Write mildly funny sentences:

The answer to how to start an essay is often given in two words that are ‘be funny.’ Opening with a joke or a humorous sentence can give your introductory paragraph just the flare it needs.

It will make the readers think that there are more of such convictions in the essay. However, do not make any jokes that may offend the readers.

Tell a secret:

This is more of an advice than a guideline, but I am going to tell it anyway. Mentioning a secret about yourself in your essay can give an impression about your personality to the readers.

You can also give them choices to either read or not read further after giving out your secret. It is in human nature that we tend to do the opposite of what others have ordered us to do.

You can follow these guidelines to write an effective introductory paragraph and even a better essay. However, if this does not work out for you, then you can always buy plagiarism free essays online. It will get you an A grade, but will you be learning anything?


This is the type of essay where students often find themselves stuck with no option other than using an online free essay generator. Therefore, as a former student, I understand your grievances and have gathered all the information you need to follow to write an excellent argumentative essay.

How to write an argumentative essay? Before going on to answer this frequently asked question, we first need to understand the true meaning of what an argumentative essay is.

An argumentative essay is about picking sides on a topic while presenting your own opinions. The opinions must be backed up with facts and evidence as well as reasons as to why you think what you wrote. Your ideas and all the evidence should be bright without any misconceptions, so it does not mislead the readers.

Here are a few tips to follow while writing an argumentative essay;

Choosing a topic:

Pick up a newspaper, open any social media application, watch the news, and sit in a social group. You will easily find people trying to convince others to agree with their point of view. Choose a topic on which you think you can write on and then start forming opinions.

Use examples:

You can easily find more than 100 free essays online written according to the rules and format of an argumentative essay. Go through those examples to understand what you need to do to write an eye-grabbing and robust essay.

Decide the approach you are going to go with:

There is a total of three types of strategies that can be used while writing an argumentative essay.

The most common one is called the classical procedure in which the writer picks aside. It begins with an introduction, thesis statement, arguments, refutation, and conclusion. Refutation means to briefly mention the other hand and explain why it is incorrect.

The second one is the Rogerian approach in which the writer is sympathetic to both opinions even though he/she has sided with one. This is mostly used when the topic is controversial, meaning that it is hard to choose a side.

The last one is the Toulmin approach in which the writer tries to find common ground to both sides and give equal importance to their issues. Which method you decide to follow depends solely on the type of your topic and personal opinions.

Thesis Statement:

The guidelines for writing a strong thesis statement are mentioned above. A beautifully written thesis statement has equal importance in all types of essays. Make sure to do as told when writing a thesis statement, and you would not require the help of any essay maker or essay typer.

Strong arguments:

It is important to write arguments that are backed up with proper evidence and not just opinions to please yourself or the readers. Be honest and give good arguments that can hold in front of the readers.


It is essential to understand that getting stuck while writing an essay is fine as long as you are willing to take the next step. What is the next level? It is to keep thinking and come up with good sentences while following all the guidelines mentioned above.